Our Services

At Sterling Manhattan, we are committed to delivering an exceptional level of service for all our clients

Our Approach


We know what works and you know your business. Working in partnership, we will fill the most challenging IT and business positions. All we ask for is your commitment to the process to ensure success.

Improving Four Key Metrics:

Market Perspective

Dedicated research and insight-based knowledge available to you to help guide and inform decisions

Candidate & Client Motivators

Understanding what makes you tick and the drivers behind decision making at the highest level of business

Forensic 360 Updates & Feedback

We are on the case looking at all aspects of your needs and priorities. We ensure the data and insight is in line with your ambitions and give you detailed accounts of where you are at all stages of the process

24/7 ‘Always On’ Support

Change is a difficult thing to process and we know it can sometimes be lonely. So, we are there for you, whenever you need us to talk, meet or otherwise download. 

The Sterling Consulting proposition is built on the delivery of appropriate and sustainable solutions to business change and transformation initiatives. Working in close collaboration with our clients we form a framework by which organisational transformation is planned, delivered and sustained internally.

  • Business transformation
  • Process efficiency
  • Waste reduction
  • Strategy alignment
  • Growth through innovation